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Diva. Lawyer. DivaEsq.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Hillcrest Reunion

Had such a great time at the reunion.  Can't hardly sit still this morning!  I told Papito, "Sit right here. Let me TEACH you some history.  Listen to this!  This is called a RECORD."  

Papito is trying not to laugh as I click play on Youtube.  

"Now listen here, Papito.  And Vic, sientate tu tambien."  

So they listen to THIS...

Monday, October 20, 2014

Like Sunday Like Rain

The Hamptons International Film Festival #HIFF2014 is the premiere film event on New York State's east end, and is an intimate showcase of some of the year's best offerings in contemporary cinema from around the world. 2013 marked the 5th time in the last 6 years that a film at the Festival has become the eventual Best Picture winner at the Oscars, making HIFF the only Festival on the East Coast with such a distinction. In those 6 years, films

Monday, June 9, 2014

Historical Moment for the Puerto Rican People- the BORINQUENEERS

the *ONLY* active-duty segregated Latino military unit in US history, the 65th Infantry Regiment Borinqueneers! - 

OBAMA WILL SIGN 2MORO (6/10/2014) to award them the CONGRESSIONAL MEDAL OF HONOR- the HIGHEST AWARD GRANTED TO A CIVILIAN (along with the Presidential Medal of Freedom).

Of the 155+ Congressional Gold Medals bestowed since 1776, ONLY ONE has been awarded to a Latino-American. It was

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Jennifer Lopez - Same Girl

So as I made it through the 20,000 people, down to the Bruckner for a quick stop at Taco Bell mesmerized cuz I saw JLO, right here in New York, in the Bronx.  I took the BUS there. I won the tickets from another Bronx superstar- Jimmy Rodriguez from Don Coqui's restaurant, @doncoquimy head was spinning and spinning.

I mean, I remember way back meeting Jimmy and remember him talking about his yacht.

And I remember Fat Joe hanging at Orchard Beach as if he wasn't no mega star and everyone saying what's up to him.

And I remember one of J-Lo's video producers that I knew from high school, that I bumped

Ya Jenny Llego!

In one of the video montages while she did a quick costume change, a little girl is playing dress up and JLo's voice-over says she remembers watching old movies with her mother and she came out and sang 2 ballads: "Do You Know Where You're Going To" from the Diana Ross' "Mahogany", and the other from no other than the incomparable  Barbra Streisand: "My Man" from "Funny Girl."  That is barrio balls! to go up there and even attempt to sing anything from Barbra Streisand!  But this is Jennifer Lopez and she can do it all!

The third ballad in a row was Selena's "No Me Queda Mas", where she was teary-eyed and at

JLo's Homecoming - Concert Review

Jennifer Lopez came back home to her beloved Bronx for an all out extravaganza of a concert.  The tickets were free but the concert did not skimp on a single detail! 

The stage was equipped with jumbotrons, a lower level where she disappeared into, another level where she was raised up to, multi mechanical cameras that moved around in all directions, graffitti set, a depiction of the 6 train, smoke and popping of fireworks, a laser show, and enough confetti to rival any tickertape parade! A total celebration, complete with some of her friends: French Montana, Ja Rule, and of course, no Bronx party can be complete without Fat Joe. 

The concert started with an intro of the song by Sklar Grey slowly and sweetly:  I'm coming home, I'm coming home, tell the world that I'm coming home....

And did she ever!  She came back home brand new with a brand new single that she started

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Whole Foods FRIED

went to WHOLE FOODS and bought fresh, wholesome, organic, chicken.

gremita came over, opened up the whole package and deep-fried it. 


Here are more blog posts about FOOD with 
an unexpected funny twist to the story.... enjoy!

Platanos and Filet Mignon

Whole Foods FRIED

RITZ - the Fancy Cracker

Ceniza de Italia - an unexpected funny twist to the story.... enjoy!

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Ritz - the Fancy Cracker!

so i get this email about an event in connecticut called: read by 8- b4 its too late! all about the importance of being at the correct reading level by age 8. so immediately i think of my cousin JIMI. , right? he's all involved with the PTA and he even sends notes to his son's teacher in the homework log and everything! so i say to JIMI:

i want u to go to this event...

JIMI: what it is, coz???

Photo: inshape.com.za
me: well its a conference. as in you cant wear your cap

Tostones and Filet Mignon

i went to 2 GALA events this week and both times they served a fancy dish made out of TOSTONES.

one was flan de tostones.

and the other was hor d'hoeurves of "tostones w/ filet

Ceniza de Italia


so its been almost a week "camping out" at moms with my sis and her fam and me and my fam and - ya tu sabes! so now ppl are putting aside their niceties...

so my sis MissyFoo decided to have her usual breakfast - fit for kings! of course

cheese imported from ITALY., or should i say - ITALIA

so Vic, walks into the kitchen and sees ...pan y queso...

Vic: oh-oh! desayuno con pan y queso! mi

Monday, May 5, 2014

My SuperHero Roberto Clemente

In 2011 Teatro SEA produced the Off-Broadway Musical about the life of Roberto Clemente, DC-7:The Roberto Clemente Story (Winner of 14 Awards) for adults.  DC-7 was so successful, we were inspired to create a new bilingual musical for children, My Superhero Roberto Clemente, which will open on May 24, 2014 at 3:00pm.

We believe that our children need heros, and they will find a hero in Roberto Clemente through his humanitarian work, leadership and his courge to face adverse and challenging situations.

In this new Musical, Bobby and his friends discover the super powers that make Roberto Clemente a Superhero. The life of the baseball great, Roberto Clemente Walker, comes to life in this charming heart-felt musical, that features a brilliant music score by Alejandro Zuleta, spectacular choreography by Danny Soto, and animations and puppetry by our master puppeteer, Jose Lopez.

My Superhero Roberto Clemente draws on the journey of Bobby and his friends who discover that Roberto Clemente is a Superhero, after learning that he was the first Hispanic ever inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame, from his humble origins to his record-breaking career with the Major Leagues. As a sports star, civil rights advocate, humanitarian, and family man, Clemente defied all odds and triumphed, forging a legacy of motivation and excellence that is still much alive today.  This bilingual musical play is a not-to-be-missed tribute to one of the the greatest Latin heroes of all times!

The show stars Jesus Martinez, Jorge Castilla, Christopher Williams, Ann Flanigan,  Miranda Childrers,and Alan González, 

Roberto Clemente (1934-72) was one of the most beloved figures in the history of the MLB. He was the first Latino to win a World Series as a rookie (1960.) He also won the MVP Award (1966) and the World Series MVP Award (1971.) He finished his career with over 3,000 hits and 12 Golden Glove Awards. He was posthumously inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame following his untimely death on December 31st, 1972 from a plane crash while traveling to deliver aid to earthquake victims in Nicaragua.

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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Freestyle Old Soul

George Lamond Bad of the Heart
so i give papito my debit card so he can download some songs. great. 10 songs thats all u get. great.

i happen to take a look at his playlist. the usual suspects: jay-z, eminem, kanye, ... but wait.... what is this!?!

George Lamond 

#oldskool #oldsoul 

he said he really likes that song! now THATS my son!!! LOLZZZ

Bad of the heart!!!!


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    Ponche - Drink of Champions!

    Ponche - TLLOH.com
    so on top of the counter i see the carton of eggs. okaaaaiiiii ... it's 11pm. 

    so then i see vic is taking out the malta goya. huh?

    he sees me eyeing him. and tries to hide the malta as he turns into the cabinet and i see he takes out the leche condensada. .... huh?

    so i told him: vic? are you making a ponche???

    he looked at me wide-eyed! like - HOWD U KNOW?

    he said: yeaaaaah and cracks the egg into the glass, only the yolk ...

    i said: wow vic! alll these years!!! i never know you drank PONCHE!

    just when you think you know ppl!!!

    we couldnt stop laughing! so... btw - we are drinking PONCHE RIGHT NOW  WITH THE COMPAIS... 

    hysterical! who here still drinks PONCHE? fess up!!!


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      All I Want for My Birthday is...

      Joel Olsteen
      so it was Grandpaw's birthday and i was so excited! "Papi, what do you want for your birthday? gotta be something nice. how about, tickets to a broadway show? you've never seen a broadway show right?" i was ready to break the bank for my PAPI!

      "yeah..but no. broadway? no..."

      "oh papi, ok. what about the WWE? you like that! you love the WWE. lets do that!" thinking - front row- no matter the price.

      "yeah...but no. ... yankee stadium...'

      "but of course papi! WHAT was i thinking, papi?! the yankees! done!" man! expensive but ill do it!

      "weeeeelllll, no. .... yankee staidum... u know... joel osteen is going to be there..."

      "huh? JOEL OSTEEN!?!"

      "yeah. i want to see joel osteen."

      alrighty then. i couldnt stop laughing! its only about $25 each. here i am thinking i gotta break the bank. LOL just when you think you know ppl! i would have NEVER guessed joel osteen!!!


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