Diva. Lawyer. DivaEsq.

Diva. Lawyer. DivaEsq.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Ay! AY! AY! its Christmas and I dont have a gift for you!

Like Ricky Martin Says, 

Ay! AY! AY! its Christmas 
and I dont have a gift for you!
But I can give you - 
AY! AY! AY!  
Un poquito AY! AY! AY! 
on this Christmas time!

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas,

Feliz Dia De Los Reyes!

and a Happy New Year!

and I do have a little something for you...

Monday, December 10, 2012

Going Back in Time - Or Atleast Back Thru My FB Timeline

going thru my fb timeline- 

jeeez where WAS i in 2010. totally dead on the fb scene.

i think that was when i was working till all hours of the nigh
t at the office! god! what a blur! :/

wellllll... for what its worth, here is link to my law office


There weren't that many posts but here is one funny one about my law office.

That was also the year i got the BENZ.... Read all about my BENZ!

Friday, December 7, 2012

From the BUS to the BENZ

2010 was the year i got the BENZ!  wow!  seems like yesterday.... where does the time go!  that damn benz changed my life!  it really did!  people treat me differently.  friends and strangers alike....

i remember strangers.... 

like i went thru the drive thru and ordered a mchicken and a mccafe and he was waiting for  me to pay him. i was looking thru my purse and thru the car and i said:  sorry:  its these 27 cents that kills me... as in ha! ha!  funny right?  usu i would get a laugh .  he just looked at me like: WHATEVER.  then i realized- gasp!  im driving a benz so he could give a damn if im looking for spare change.  if only he knew... im one of him!  just yesterday i was on the bus!

how bout the time we went to home depot... we needed an AC and so we drove in and Vic from the car window calls out to the guys outside home depot and asks one of them- Cuanto para que me ayuden instalar un aire condicionado?

the dude said without flinching some astronomical number and Vic was like "OH-OH!  y por que tanto?!"
so vic tellls him- that we will go buy the AC and get back to him.  so we park and we walk in and we are still talking about why he wanted so much just to install the AC? then it hit me!  "VIC!  u asked him with your head sticking out the window of a BENZ.  yeah.... thats why!  we should come back in your car."

and then there were my friends... 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Torrrrrrrres and Urrrrrrrrbaez - Roll those R's!

I answer the phone: Torres and Urbaez.  How may i help you?

he TRULY said, but you dont *sound* like a lawyer. 

i said, "listen, this is the office of TORRES y URBAEZ (triple rolling my rrrr's) and i was so pissed that my spanish came out. 

"So si quieres un abogado que suena gringo no va ser ni TORRES ni URBAEZ!" 

what theeeeee.... #icantmakethisshitup

Monday, December 3, 2012

Going Back in Time - Or Atleast Back Thru My FB Timeline

This week we will be going back in time and reminiscing about the last couple of years La Diva has had on Facebook.

I'm going thru my timeline and re-posting it here on the blog b/c alas facebook isnt searchable!  smh!  They gotta get with the program!  So here goes

 Beginning with 2009....

  • En Mi Viejo San Juan- youtube video with lil bori diva singing. about 1 mnute long!  too cute and too short not to see!
  • Reading Juan Bobo - I have always stressed education and bilingualism so this picture says it all!  take a look!
  • I was THERE!  Journey to DC to See OBAMA Inauguration

2009 was a great year!  Read on!

Thanks for reading my blog!

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