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Diva. Lawyer. DivaEsq.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

My Review of Symphony Tools for Social Media Management

My Review of Symphony Tools for Social Media Management:

I've been using Symphony Tools to manage my social media accounts and I really like it. It's perfect for scheduling and automating sharing my blog to Facebook and twitter. Give it a try.


But I Love Rocky!

Don't get me wrong- I LOVE ROCKY!  But what Alan Yang said in his acceptance speech at the Emmys was dead on!  

And don't call it "anti- italian american"! or anything of the sort. That is not what Alan Yang said.  That is what the media said.  The media wanting to create cultural dissonance where there is none.

What Alan Yang really said was

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Fire! Fuego!

Papito is in Spanish Class now.  I threatened him that if he gets less than an A, we will be run out of town!  So I stay on top of things.  

"Papito, what did you learn today?"

"We got our first list of Spanish words"

"Great Papito!  Any new or

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