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Diva. Lawyer. DivaEsq.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

What doHillary Clinton andJennifer López have in common?

They both travel the world.And they carry the right to vote in presidential elections by absentee ballot with them where ever they go....
except they can not vote in Puerto Rico!

Assume Jennifer López is a NY resident and obviously Hillary Clinton is a NY resident. According to NYS law, a NY registered voter may still cast their vote for President even though not physically in NY with an absentee ballot from anywhere in the world! From China, Zimbabwe, India- even Iraq! But I dare Mrs. Clinton to ask for an absentee ballot from the US Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Mrs. Clinton will be stripped bare of her right to vote, as bare as J-Lo in her famous green dress! I know... citizens of PR can't vote. So? I'm talking about Mrs. Clinton – a citizen of NYS, a Senator of NY. She retains her right to vote even in IRAQ!

If you can grasp that concept you can keep reading. You're still here? Great! Just remember we are talking about Mrs. Clinton! A US citizen, a citizen of NYS.

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