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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Bésame Cosmetics

La Diva talks with Gabriela Hernández about her new line of make up that won't just make you beautiful –it IS beautiful!

Bésame Cosmetics created by Gabriela Hernández harks back to the 1940's, an era when chivalry was king and romanticism was an art form. Bésame Cosmetics are rich colors reminiscent of the era and the overall packaging is beautifully packaged as make-up might have been back in the 1940's and as make-up perhaps should be made now.

Is Gabriela Hernández just an old-fashioned girl at heart? Emphatically she says, "Definitely!". She explains, "I didn't leave the house until I got married!"

She is a wife, a mom, an artist, has her own design company and now … she has Bésame Cosmetics. How does she do all of that in the span of 24 hours? She laughs and truthfully declares, "I don't." Do you sleep? "Very little." But with the laughter in her voice you can tell the lack of sleep is not a problem.

She is passionate about her work and is giving all of herself to a product and an idea she believes in. She explains that her customers appreciate the time and detail. "The reward comes in when a Grandma tells me how my cosmetics were exactly how she remembers it, exactly how she used to use it."

Bésame cosmetics is manufactured and designed and sold by Gabriela. She spent 5 years preparing this line of cosmetics. She researched the era of the 1940's. She researched the colors and ingredients that were needed. "People think it's easy. That you can just get a manufacturer and say 'I want this color'. But it's not that easy. I wanted colors that work on different faces. I tested it on different people. I designed the colors. I also wanted the same scents as the cosmetics had back then. I wanted the cosmetics to be true to the era."

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