Diva. Lawyer. DivaEsq.

Diva. Lawyer. DivaEsq.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

4 o’clock hour of the night

I always remember. We were little and my little sister was so sick that her little usual hyper self was motionless on the bed and Grandma paced back and forth, back and forth. It was so late that I didn’t recognize the hour. I never knew the night had so many numbers. How was it that the night had a three- o’clock? And my Grandma, my mama de crianza, paced and paced.

No money, no medicine.  She poured out the Agua Florida all over my little sister’s body down to her little toes and covered her up with the blanket.

Agua Florida is so cold.  It usually made me shiver.  But my little sister seemed not to feel the coldness of the Agua Florida.  Not even when Grandma...

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

I'm With Her!

My blog post today is super easy.  I really just want to say one word:


People have fought and even died for your right to vote.  Don't let their struggle go in vain!


Monday, November 7, 2016

November Blogging Challenge

Sometimes you need a little push.   A little bit of an umpf to get up off you a$$ and get things done. 

Even if it's something you really want to do, or something you really love, or something you miss doing.

Kinda like fitting a workout in your hectic schedule.  You do want to lose the wieght.  Or be fit and trim but you can't get yourself to do it.  

That's how I've been with blogging.  I just can never fit it into my jammed up schedule. 

And people ask me all the time.  They urge me to keep writing.  And so I took up the challenge for the month of November.  I pledge to blog a #postday for the month of November.  Beyond that I don't make any promises!  Beyond that I like to blog about once a week, or 3 times a month.  I think that is more than enuf!  But for November, it'll be a #postaday.  So here goes...

What can you expect in my blog?   In a word: CLASHES.

I usually have a few favorite topics that involve many CLASHES.  For instance, I talk about

Saturday, November 5, 2016

I Look Like Obama!

photo: dr1.com
couple comes in to sign the divorce papers. he's dominican and she's puerto rican 

happiest couple u ever did see BTW so he jokes around and says: how soon can i get married again cuz im a good looking guy.... after all i look like OBAMA.

wife is just nodding her head. so i say: soon as the divorce goes thru.

so i keep filling out the paperwork. finally we get to the last one that is just statistical info. like: where were u born. where do u live? and the age old question: RACE.

so i zip thru the categories and say: ru white or black. [hispanic is not an option] so i dont wait for an answer and answer for him... black, right?

and he practically jumps up from his seat: "NO."

me: huh? dude u just said u look like OBAMA!

he's like: "but- im DOMINICAN."

me: yeah- so in DR- okay- ur not black. but here... wellllll --- its a different story. :)

LOL i wrote in HISPANIC of course. smh!

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Friday, November 4, 2016


all this reminds me also of a funny story i think ull like: plays out like a sitcom.

so an old latina woman walks into the office and says, "ayudame que tengo un problema legal."

si senora sientase. i can help u. cuentame.

she is distraught. she explains that she must change the ownership of her house that she owns jointly with her granddaughter. but she loves her granddaughter very much, thats why she put her name on the deed in the first place. PERO.....

Thanks for reading my blog!

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