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Diva. Lawyer. DivaEsq.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Reflection of ...TU!

La Diva Latina ranks 2nd to Latina.com. Then...
a cybersquatter, STOLE her right off the internet.
La Diva Latina fought this thief in court ... and won! She was back in full swing Summer 2007.

Since the Summer of 2007, she has grown exponentially once again. The magazine format morphed into a blog-like, weekly email blast in Jan 2008. Subscribe to LaDivaLatina.com the "magazine", emailed weekly!

La Diva Latina Magazine
A Reflection of...TU!

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Jimmy Adds Sazón to His Sofrito

Restaurateur Jimmy Rodriguez from the famed Jimmy's Bronx Café is adding even more Puerto Rican flavor to Manhattan. His Sofrito Restaurant on 57th street is authentic Puerto Rican cuisine with an authentic Puerto Rican ambiance.

Puerto Rican ambiance? Just look at the diva in the picture. Is she dining at a restaurant or dancing the night away? At Sofritos you can do both! Dress up or dress down (but neat) and savor Puerto Rican cuisine while listening to a live salsa music. You might be lucky to spot celebrities like J-Lo and Marc Anthony, Tego Calderón, and the like. Sazón opens up in late November downtown in Tribeca.

Can't wait for some Sazón downtown!

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J-Lo And Marc Anthony Get Married ...AGAIN!

At a supposedly impromptu decision, the couple of four years decide to re-new their vows in La Vegas. Not so sure how "impromptu" it might have been. Remember...

Marc Anthony married his ex twice too!

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Reflections of...TU!

New Tagline for La Diva Latina Magazine
A Reflection of TU!

Jimmy Adds Sazón to His Sofrito
Restaurateur Jimmy Rodriguez
opens new restaurant downtown NYC

J-Lo and Marc Anthony
Get Married ...AGAIN!
They renew their vows in Vegas

Between Eva and J-Lo Lies a... Catfight!
Eva Mendez does not want to be compared to the
incomparable J-Lo

Ugly Betty vs Loca Lohan
America Ferrera says she's not the "mean one"
and that Hollywood shapes the way girls act

Latinas: The New Leading LadiesWhy is the character of Gabriella Montez
from High School Musical 3 not played by a Latina?

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Reflections Issue Vol 6 Iss 1

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