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Friday, January 30, 2009

Our Nation's First Lady and Her "Latina" Style

Michelle Obama's dress for Inauguration Day was absolutely stunning as well as unique. The First Lady's Dress was designed by Cuban-American designer Isabel Toledo.

Her red and black ensemble for Election night, btw, was also designed by a Latino designer, Narcisco Rodriguez.

Bravo to our First Lady's "Latina" style!

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I was THERE! Journey to D.C. to See Obama

I was there! After having lived through the sixties and having missed many (ok, all) historical events, I was not going to miss this, even if I had to walk to Washington!

Read Brie Sands' whole article now

J-Lo Wears Strikingly Similar Dress to First Lady

Marc Anthony and J-Lo sang together at the Latino Inauguration Ball and for some reason at the Western Inauguration Ball as well.
Did they lose their way on the way to the Bronx? :)

The loving couple may have put to rest that they are breaking up.

Either way, did you notice Jennifer Lopez was wearing a one shoulder long white evening gown-

just like the First Lady?

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Obama Nation Jan 2009 Issue

Obama wins!
Obama and El Gran Combo
Remember that song,
"Si Dios Fuera Negro" ?
They say, "What if the president was black?"
*start here!

Our Nation's First Lady
and Her "Latina" Style

I was THERE!
Journey to D.C. to See Obama

Jennifer Lopez wears
Michelle Obama's Dress!

This issue will keep growing
so subscribe today!

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Friday, January 16, 2009

OBAMA and El Gran Combo!

In this monumental historical event,
Inauguration 2009, it reminds me of ...
El Gran Combo!

Remember that song,
"Si Dios Fuera Negro" ?
They say, "What if the president was black?"

Brings tears of happiness to my eyes! On
Inauguration Day 2009 DO pause.
DO watch the Inauguration.
This IS history.
If you are working STOP.
Put on the radio if you can't get to a TV.
Don't have a radio? BUY one this weekend
Whatever it takes. Don't make excuses.

DON"T let your grandchildren read it
to u from their history books.
DON'T live life passivey.

If you are a teacher - it is your DUTY to STOP
and put on the radio.

If you are a parent with small children, watch it
and TALK about it with your children.

Inauguration 2009.
The biggest Inauguration since Kennedy!

See you at the Inauguration!

SING the song with me at http://ladivalatina.com/obama09.html

Si Dios fuera negro -mi compay- todo cambiaría
Fuera nuestra raza -mi compay- la que mandaría

Negro el presidente y el gobernador
Negro el abogado y negro el doctor compay...........


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