Diva. Lawyer. DivaEsq.

Diva. Lawyer. DivaEsq.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Sotomayor is a DIVA!

Sotomayor: Supreme Choice

» 11 yrs on Federal Court of Appeals

» 6 yrs on NY District Court

» 8 yrs as a private litigator in NY

» 5 yrs as Ass. District Attorney in NY

» 12 yrs as board member for LatinoJustice

» Lecturer at Columbia and NYU Law

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Michael Jackson Sighting

Latin America Mourns The King of Pop

The untimely death of controversial pop music icon Michael Jackson stunned the world, and Latin America was no exception. ...

Thousands of Latin American fans promised to remember him forever as they displayed their grief with tears, dancing, impersonations and even plans to erect statues in his honor.

In Mexico City, according to Reforma, thousands of his fans gathered around the statue of the Angel of Independence t...withan impromptu mixture of tears, music, applause and photographs.

According to El Nacional, the tribute was organized by Esteban Rubio, a 30-year-old Mexican who has spent half his life imitating Jackson and recently taught actor
Diego Luna to dance like him for his role in the 2007 movie “Mister Lonely”.

In Brazil, according to ANSA, Rio de Janeiro’s Dona Marta favela, the shantytown where Jackson filmed his 1996 video “They Don’t Care About Us”, declared itself in
mourning, and community leaders announced that they would put up a statue in the entertainer’s honor.

Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin told El Nacional that “the light he gave us on stage will continue to illuminate all of us who saw the master – pure musical inspiration”.

by María Maeda

Read more...on La Diva Latina.com
Michael Jackson sighting Click Here to see pic

Boogie Rican Blvd

Broadway is now a place for Latinos:
the much acclaimed “In The Heights”,
the classic “West Side Story”
and now the newest Boricua on the block-
Caridad “La Bruja” De la Luz
with her musical production,
“Boogie Rican Blvd”.
Imbued more by poetry and rhyme than by music,
it explores the lives of several characters
living and dreaming in the Bronx,
in a light, airy, humorous, fun story!

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