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Diva. Lawyer. DivaEsq.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Dominican Parade

I had the BEST time at the Dominican Parade down 6th Ave in Manhattan.
i wish i had more pictures but my camera had some technical problems.
enjoy the pics!
especially look at the last picture
see if u can find what's "wrong" with the last picture!

Flacos be gone! Gorditos hold on!!!

This Gordito asked me to dance so I said - seguro! He danced REALLY well. He introduced me to his friend- they looked like brothers- another "gordito". Or as we say on myspace "more to love".

So Gordito #1 was dressed all in white with dark rimmed glasses and slicked back hair in a ponytail. El Hermano- Gordito #2 was dressed entirely in black with pitch black hair and piercing black eyes to match and a perfectly shaped goatee.

It was towards the end of the night- and El Gordito comes straight at me, says - come dance with me - grabs my hand and says- ONE more! So I say ok let's go! Like I had a choice? J
Like I said he was a GREAT dancer but this time he held nothing back and this crowd started forming around us in a circle. Gordito can Groooooove! Pero espera - there's more!
El Hermano cuts in - but i mean smoooooth! Gordito turned me around and when I went to reach for his hand again - it wasn't him! It was El Hermano- u know Gordito #2! It was like from a movie!

El Hermano was FIERCE! I mean it was like he said - "oh yeah? so u THINK u could dance??? TOMA!" He spinned me so hard I was like a mannequin, a doll - twirling and twirling. And -- en una -- he releases me to see what i was going to do. I didn't skip a beat -b/c hey u know there was a crowd looking at us! But I laughed though!

Gordito then cut in and I held him firmly -- como quien dice -- give me a break! -- cojelo con takeiteazzzy! -- and so he went real slow - mambo front and back like our legs were one. Then he went on dancing and doing all kinds of steps -- hasta que -- he dipped me and everyone says, "ohhhhh!"

El Hermano cut in again and he was like "let's see if u could handle this? He held me with both hands around my hips. I mean this was a big man so when he holds u both hands around ur hips - ya tu sabe!!! i'm flying!!! and... PA!!! He twirls me super fast and dipped super hard and I snapped back as if we had this routine practiced forever!

El Gordito comes back in -- y fue come si el estaba dicendo -- - i'm the smooth operator here so he can take his snapping and super fast twirling -- pero que yo hago asi-- and he dips me and while I'm dipped head and body all the way back- he turns me around his body. And this is a big man so I went arooooound! J Whaoooo! Can u picture this - better yet can u feeeeel this???
ok, ok- So then so I'm like wow! I'm in another zone and the crowd is giving us room. El Hermano cut in again and was w/ this attitude like- I'm the dramatic one! here goes some more drama... Ready or NOT! -

He dipped me alllll the way down. I just let go, my neck, arms, legs my whole body was like rubber b/c this was a big guy so he held me and I had nothing to fear -flacos be GONE ! As I dip I kicked up and he took my leg and just lifted me up off the floor to dip me some more. The crowd clapped!!! They did!!!!

Finally Gordito cuts in and he was too smooth, too sure of himself, tooooo debonair! He was like - I'm just going to do MY thang! and we danced and then grabbed both my hands to the sides so that I can do my own feet work and I did - w/ kicks and que se yo que! He was just taking me around him as I did my footwork. I don't know what I did and the music was ending and he took cue and dipped me smoothly at the end of the song!

So my new motto is: Flacos be gone! Gorditos hold on!!!

Thursday, August 3, 2006

Mi Viejo - the most famous Father's Day song

Mi Viejo is so popular that in Mexico alone there are about 334 versions! Mi Viejo has been interpreted by about 500 different artists all over the world- Latin America, Europe, Japan, the U.S. 

Piero – José is the duo that created the paternal anthem, Mi Viejo. For about 30 years Piero and José Tcherkaski worked together. They were united in song and in politics. The two Argentineans protested their government through song. But their biggest fame is for Mi Viejo, a song where no politics is involved. 

Piero says that he sang the song to his father with the ink still not dry on the paper. When he looked up he saw his father crying for the first time. He began to cry too. In typical manly fashion, his father quickly wiped his tears and said, jokingly and chidingly, “Your mama is the one who walks slow!”

Fue una de mis primeras composiciones y está inspirada en la imagen de papá como institución. Pero fue a mi padre al que le canté el tema por primera vez, ni bien terminé de escribirla.

Lo recuerdo muy bien. Llegué a mi casa, descolgué el teléfono, cerré la puerta donde él se encontraba y sin anestesia le canté la canción con la letra recién escrita en un papel. Cuando levanté la vista, lo vi llorar por primera vez en mi vida... Entonces, yo también me puse a llorar. Al minuto mi padre reaccionó, se limpió las lágrimas, se reincorporó, me miró y me dijo: 'Ma quién camina lento la pu ta que te parió'.
 Interview from Bolivia.com 

According to Piero the song no longer belongs to him but to all who love it.

Mi Viejo es de todos y nos gusta que sea así. Es una canción que no deja de sonar".Quote from LosTiempos.com from Bolivia

See short video clip of Piero singing Mi Viejofrom TorontoHispano.com. There is a small link on the right hand side near the top of page.

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