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Thursday, March 27, 2008

J-Lo Twins Look Just Like Marc! ¡Ay Bendito!

Take a look at those beautiful baby twins!
They look just like Marc Anthony!

Stop it! You know you were there screaming
for Marc Anthony when he was singing on stage!
Was it just for his voice?
Come on! You love him, so stop!

So J-Lo thought she had her hands full! Ha!

I just wanna know -
why did she name her babies after Dragon Tales???

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Hollywood's Proud Mamis Starting Latin Trend

Fashion icons and first time Mami's Christian Aguilera and Jennifer Lopez, Selma Hyack and Thalia Sodi, Jessica Alba are carving a niche in the baby clothing industry. With Latinos accounting for 9% of U.S. buying power, $923 billion, larger retailers such as Kohols, Target, Kmart and Perry Ellis all have lines geared towards Latinos.

Check out the cute boy guayabera at littlepoco.com

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America Ferrera Ugly Betty Doll

Famed doll maker Madame Alexander 2008 Collection has immortalized America Ferrera as Ugly Betty with her very own doll! Available in porcelain and also in "huggable" rag doll.

Barbie- eat your heart out!

Other dolls in madame Alexander collections:
Eva Longoria as Gabrielle Solis (2008)
Caribbean doll (2007)
Salvadorian doll (2005)
See also dolls from Spain, Cuba and Mexico
on LaDivaLatina.com

Check out the DIVA Barbie doll- Now that's a doll!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Dayanara Torres, Marc Anthony's Ex, Tell ALL Book

Ex- Miss Universe / Ex-Mrs. Marc Anthony, Dayanara Torres, plans to write a book about her tumultous marriage to J-Lo's now-husband, Marc Anthony. It sounds like a story we all want to know. A story of Miss Beauty Queen -of the Universe no less-
marries a salsa crooner - not once but TWICE! Remember that? He married her 2 times!
Then leaves her from one day to the next to marry someone else. What can be more fabulous than marrying Ms. Universe? Marrying J-LO, of course. Great story! I know I want to know! That is if the Ex-Miss Universe / Ex-Marc Anthony doesn't get "ex-ed" out by J-Lo who has already stopped HER ex-husband from writing a tell-all book.

Let's see who has the last word....

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Geraldo Rivera's HIS PANIC

Geraldo Rivera has written a new book, His Panic: Why America Fears Hispanics in the U.S. His Panic discusses the anti-immigration propaganda led by who he calls "right-wing talk show thugs" and "neo-know-nothings" and says the immigration "crisis" is based on lies, false-statistics and downright and ugly racism.

Let's remember that Geraldo Rivera has received more than 170 awards for journalism, including prestigious George Foster Peabody Award, and three national and seven local Emmys.

Call him what you'd like but Geraldo Rivera is attacking the anti-Hispanic / anti-immigration sentiment that is rampant in the media with eyebrow raising statistics, naming names, and plain old "I'm glad someone is saying something!"

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Freestyle by Latino-Flavored Productions

Playwright now-turned author Linda Nieves-Powell, from Latino Flavored productions has a new, fun and fast-paced book about the not-so-fast paced lives of two 30-something year old moms. Two best friends are worn-out, maybe a little fed up with the stress of their busy lives, juggling seemingly uncaring husbands, time-consuming children and their unrelenting desire to simply - kick back! They remember their 'freestyle' lives when they were free-style dancing at the clubs in the mid 90's. A fun, easy-going, nostalgic read! A great book to kick-back
and forget your own hurried lifestyle!

See the video for the book on www.LaDivaLatina.com/

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

J-Lo Twins and Their Diamond Studded Maracas

Marc and Jenny named their twins
Max and Emme - Maximiano and Emelina.
They should be called "Millionario and ImaDiva"!

Reportedly it cost $1.4 million just to go into labor which includes the room which was reserved weeks in advance, security, and private doctors and nurses. Their nursery was painted by a color-therapist. Their bedsheets are 600-count Egyptian cotton. And the baby masseuse comes in 2x a week. The twins reportedly enjoyed classical music before they were born and now they enjoy the sounds of their personalized diamond-studded maracas.

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4th Richest Women in Music: Shakira

According to Forbes, "Cash Queens of Music",
the top money making women of music are:

Madonna @ $72 million
Streisand @ $60 million
Celine Dion @ $45 million

and our beloved Shakira @ $38 million

"The Colombian chanteuse shook her trademark hips from Mexico to India on a tireless tour that saw her perform 111 concerts before it was over."

Other Latinas on the list:
Christina Aguilera, No. 7 @ $20 million
Jennifer López , No. 18 @ $6 million

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Richest Man in the World is Mexican?

According to Forbes.com, Bill Gates is NOT the richest man in the world for the first time in 13 years. Gates' time was coming. In fact just last year, 2007 Fortune magazine reported that Carlos Slim Helu from Mexico had beat Bill Gates. According to Forbes list though, this year Bill Gates is now beat by none other than his friend and bridge partner Warren Buffett, Net Worth: $62 Million. No. 2 on the list? Carlos Slim Helu from Mexico. And Bill Gates comes in at No.3.

So who is Carlos Slim Helu?
It is said that one can not spend a day in Mexico without putting money into his pocket. He is a self-made billionaire and says he made his riches by operating monopolies- total control over businesses. Currently Slim Helu's riches are due to strong Mexican equities market and the performance of his wireless telephone company, America Movil. His Net Worth : $60 million

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