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Ponche - TLLOH.com
so on top of the counter i see the carton of eggs. okaaaaiiiii ... it's 11pm. 

so then i see vic is taking out the malta goya. huh?

he sees me eyeing him. and tries to hide the malta as he turns into the cabinet and i see he takes out the leche condensada. .... huh?

so i told him: vic? are you making a ponche???

he looked at me wide-eyed! like - HOWD U KNOW?

he said: yeaaaaah and cracks the egg into the glass, only the yolk ...

i said: wow vic! alll these years!!! i never know you drank PONCHE!

just when you think you know ppl!!!

we couldnt stop laughing! so... btw - we are drinking PONCHE RIGHT NOW  WITH THE COMPAIS... 

hysterical! who here still drinks PONCHE? fess up!!!


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