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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

There's no Starbucks in El Barrio

"We don’t have a Starbucks in East Harlem yet, but we can imagine the scenario playing out. [it] will bring a Home Depot and a Target to the neighborhood. ... It’s not that we don’t want a better business climate in the neighborhood. We want more people visiting East Harlem’s historic treasures" says Exec. Dir. of Hope Inc. Robin LeBaron.

Well now there's no need for Starbucks
because right on the very corner of 104th and Lex is
The East Harlem Cafe
Launched by El Barrio's own Michelle Cruz,
who btw was also a delegate for Barack Obama!
See her interview on nytimes.com

Spacious, terracotta brown decor, display of local artists' work,
the unabashed Michelle Cruz says,
"the really hard part starts now that it's open.
Making sure the customers keep coming. "

If opening day was any indication,
Ms. Cruz better keep the coffee brewing
because it was attended by such notables as
Adam C. Powell IV and Jose Serrano Jr.,
and with a live performance of the quintessential Boricua,
Bomba and Plena musician Tato Torres.

Rumor has it that coffee will not be the only thing brewing
at the East Harlem Cafe because it is becoming
a meeting place to brew up ideas on keeping Starbucks out
and preserving the authenticity of Spanish Harlem.

One cup at a time!

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Chinese Tacos?

Mexican foods are slowly popping up at fast food Chinese restaurants. Sure they have 2 different menus - the chinese one and the mexican one. But I still can't get over ordering a chicken fajita from el chino!

Seems like I'm not the only one that thinks so! Two Taco Bells in Shanghai closed earlier this year. The idea was "little rice and no beans", less spicy to accomodate the Chinese palate, and let's add sombreros to the waitresses. meandchairmanmao.com explains it best:

No my friends-- or should I say amigos?--
this is not the Taco Bell you are used to.
Here in China, it's a bit more upscale:
it's actually a sit-down restaurant with menus
instead of a reader board;
nice chairs and tables instead of easy-to-clean
but incredibly uncomfortable plastic booths ...
All that, plus free chips and salsa. ...
When it was all said and done,
I would have rather had a soft-taco supreme.

Sadly, that wasn't on the menu.

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Hot Dogs ... Make way for the Chihuahua!

Street food vendors are pushing more than just hot dogs these days. In fact there is an annual street vendor awards- "Vendys". This year's winner of the coveted Vendy awards goes to... Calexico Carne Asado corner of Wooster and Prince Street. You can't miss this bright yellow cart with the word
"Eat the Street" emblazoned on it. The 3 Brothers ironically named Vendley, originally from Calexico - town between California and Mexico are serious about their food! They even have a website! calexicocart.com

One of the 5 finalists was a pupusa stand
owned by Rafael Soler in Red Hook Park in Brooklyn
Soler originally from the Dominican Republic started by
sewing pants for $3 a dozen when he came to this country.
Now together with his Salvadorian wife they make pupusas.
He says, "Sometimes I don't sleep, because it's very, very hard
[but] I don't lose nothing because
I feel super happy when they come to me every weekend.
Sometimes they don't buy nothing — they say,
'Hi, paisano! You O.K.?' This is what I like.
This is better than money."

Rafael... I'll give you $2 on Tuesday for a pupusa today!

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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Between Eva and J-Lo Lies a... Catfight!

This is a MORPHED pic of J-LO + Eva Mendez.

See both pics used on http://www.ladivalatina.com/quepasanov08B.html

Eva Mendes the Latina super-sexy actress refuses to be compared to super-successful, multi-titled, multi-talented Jennifer Lopez.

"I would like to think I will have a more serious career than J-Lo. We may both be of Latin origin but that's where the comparisons stop. She manages her career like the head of a big corporation, whereas the only thing I care about is becoming the best actress possible."

Perhaps Eva's latest role in "The Women" is a testament to her "serious acting". She played the sex kitten, complete with bustiere and garterbelt. But at least she was clothed, her role before that was the Calvin Klein Secret Obsessions perfume commercial where Eva bears all to the point that it is banned in the U.S.

Eva's right! There's no comparison!
J-Lo doesn't strip nude to sell perfumes that are not even hers.

Read more at http://www.ladivalatina.com/quepasanov08B.html

Ugly Betty vs Loca Lohan

They say it's just rumors-
That Lindsay Lohan and America Ferrera are in a cat fight on the set of Ugly Betty
because Ferrera is "mean". Ferrera's reps deny these allegations. Either way, Lohan's role on Ugly Betty was cut from 6 shows to only 4.

On October's cover of Seventeen Magazine, America Ferrera says it best,
"Close, genuine female relationships are not what generally gets depicted in movies and TV shows."

"Like, if you're watching The Hills or 90210, all the backstabbing shapes the way we act – you go to school, ...

and you think your job is to find a sworn enemy and be jealous of each other."

Read more at www.LaDivaLatina.com/quepasanov08B.html

Latinas: The New Leading Ladies

Gabriella Montez is the leading girl in High School Musical 3.
This Latina character is perhaps as mainstream as we wanted to be:
The girl that gets the guy. The nice girl.
Smart, wholesome- LATINA!
No stereotypes, no accents added.
There's only one catch...
This coveted Latina role...
is played by a white girl.
Are there ANY teenage Latinas out there?
Selena Gomez - Wizards of Waverly Place?
Was she busy w/ Another Cinderella Story?
Adrienne from The Cheetah Girls?
Was she too busy to catch up with her?
or as the Cheetah Girls would say:

Dance me if you can!

Read more at www.LaDivaLatina.com/quepasanov08B.html

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