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Diva. Lawyer. DivaEsq.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


They say - que no se habla de la politica! BUT we're all FAMILY! no?

so here are 3 blog posts about good old POLITICS!

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El Trigueño

grandmita loves to read. she even owns a medical dictionary that she refers to all the time. so im at her house and she's looking desperately around for her new book. 

"¿adonde está ese libro?"

"¿qué libro?

"pues, el libro de ....ummm del trigueño."

"¿el trigueño? ¿qué trigueño?

exasperated - "¡ay! ¿ cómo se llama ese trigueño? se me olvida." and she's frantically looking around. "¡ay! tu mamá quizas se llevó el libro."

"¿¿¿el libro??? del .... del trigueño.... pero no sabes su nombre... ¿quien es el trigueño?"

grandmita now seems more frustrated with me than with losing her book - ahhh! but now she remembers the name - the name of el trigueño...

Coming Out the Closet- Politically

so i was there when he 'came out the closet', so to speak. he just HAD to tell someone. someone in charge. this was his chance....

the patriach of the family had come to visit and was intensely watching TV. not to be disturbed. except for something big like this. so the young man said:

senor, ive decided that u should be the 1st to know....

the old man unpeeled his eyes from the tv. "yes? This must be big."

Di Blasio WINS! First Inter-Racial First Family for New York City!

papito: hey - who won the election
me: christie!

mom: u dont live in jersey! diblasio won!
papito: i luv christie!

mom: welll, too bad cuz u live in ny not jersey. besides, diblasio's sons hair is just like yours!
papito: it is?

mom: yeah its the first inter-racial first family in this city! the mom is black and the dad is white!

me (looking at puchi): see, mamita? just like YOUR parents - except opposite. 

mom:- ur NOT white - ur ...'jaba' (sp?)

i just cut my eyes at her like - whatever- im a white hispanic! 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

less than $20

btw do u know that the ATM wont accept a deposit for less than $20!

Monday, November 4, 2013

jazz it up

So everyone is outta Moms house this saturday afternoon. 

MissyFoo got all dressed up and on her way out.

me: where are you going?

MissyFoo: (pushing her hair back behind her shoulder) we are going to listen to jazz at lincoln center. and yourself?

me: ummmmm we are.... errrr... well.... we are going to jazz it up at home :)

Thanks for reading my blog!

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