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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Freestyle Old Soul

George Lamond Bad of the Heart
so i give papito my debit card so he can download some songs. great. 10 songs thats all u get. great.

i happen to take a look at his playlist. the usual suspects: jay-z, eminem, kanye, ... but wait.... what is this!?!

George Lamond 

#oldskool #oldsoul 

he said he really likes that song! now THATS my son!!! LOLZZZ

Bad of the heart!!!!


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    Ponche - Drink of Champions!

    Ponche - TLLOH.com
    so on top of the counter i see the carton of eggs. okaaaaiiiii ... it's 11pm. 

    so then i see vic is taking out the malta goya. huh?

    he sees me eyeing him. and tries to hide the malta as he turns into the cabinet and i see he takes out the leche condensada. .... huh?

    so i told him: vic? are you making a ponche???

    he looked at me wide-eyed! like - HOWD U KNOW?

    he said: yeaaaaah and cracks the egg into the glass, only the yolk ...

    i said: wow vic! alll these years!!! i never know you drank PONCHE!

    just when you think you know ppl!!!

    we couldnt stop laughing! so... btw - we are drinking PONCHE RIGHT NOW  WITH THE COMPAIS... 

    hysterical! who here still drinks PONCHE? fess up!!!


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      All I Want for My Birthday is...

      Joel Olsteen
      so it was Grandpaw's birthday and i was so excited! "Papi, what do you want for your birthday? gotta be something nice. how about, tickets to a broadway show? you've never seen a broadway show right?" i was ready to break the bank for my PAPI!

      "yeah..but no. broadway? no..."

      "oh papi, ok. what about the WWE? you like that! you love the WWE. lets do that!" thinking - front row- no matter the price.

      "yeah...but no. ... yankee stadium...'

      "but of course papi! WHAT was i thinking, papi?! the yankees! done!" man! expensive but ill do it!

      "weeeeelllll, no. .... yankee staidum... u know... joel osteen is going to be there..."

      "huh? JOEL OSTEEN!?!"

      "yeah. i want to see joel osteen."

      alrighty then. i couldnt stop laughing! its only about $25 each. here i am thinking i gotta break the bank. LOL just when you think you know ppl! i would have NEVER guessed joel osteen!!!


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      Just When You Think You Know Someone

      You may know someone your whole life and never REALLY know them!

      thats what these next set of blog posts are all about...

      like my father - i thought i knew him but I would have never guessed what he wanted for his birthday!  Read to see...

      and Vic all these years has been sneaking around drinking THIS:

      and Papito, well, that kid is really an Old Soul... Read why:

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