bizcocho dominicano and other NY delicacies

chinos and latinos

asians eclipsing latinos in immigration.

Don't call me a MINORITY!

Mi Viejo lyrics

MI VIEJO - Most popular FATHERS DAY SONG in the world

Most popular FATHERS DAY SONG in the world!

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hiring lawyers at boston firm for $10K a year. not a type-o! TEN K a year.

flashback 2005

DADDYS are important no matter what MOMMYS do

Smarter babies! thanks to DADDY!

Positive Dad Stats

flight for humanity on YOUTUBE!

Roberto Clemente's mission accomplished! See the video on youtube!

Roberto Clemente's mission accomplished!

Roberto Clemente bronze statue unveiled in Newark's Branch Brook Park

blogging w/o a license

Google's Tim Bray drafts new HTTP status code for censorship shut down!!!!! hellzzzz no!

modern day ABC's

blogger censorship. state shut down his blog!

Don't Call Me a Blogger!

Summer 2012 Issue of La Diva Latina Magazine