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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

bizcocho dominicano and other NY delicacies

My aunt and uncle comes all the way from Michigan where the Latino population is about 4%. They are on a mission to find a few things that they really miss and love since they have been in New York.


chinos and latinos

Hispanic and Asian populations, both have surged by more than 40 percent 
since 2000


asians eclipsing latinos in immigration.

ok. so what about the CHINOS LATINOS? what category they go in? 


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Don't call me a MINORITY!

Minority babies outnumbered white newborns 
in 2011 for the first time in U.S. history, the 
latest milestone in a demographic shift that’s 
transforming the nation.


Friday, June 15, 2012

Mi Viejo lyrics

 Mi Viejo lyrics. this 2005 page still generates traffic even now -from all over the world- esp. this weekend on father's day :)


MI VIEJO - Most popular FATHERS DAY SONG in the world

Ironic isn't it?
Piero- the orginal singer of Mi Viejo, the paternal anthem, became a father himself ¡ya de viejo!- at the age of 56!

la diva latina issue 2005 check it out!!!


Most popular FATHERS DAY SONG in the world!

*Mi Viejo* is so popular that in Mexico alone there are about 334 versions! Mi Viejo has been interpreted by about 500 different artists all over the world- Latin America, Europe, Japan, the U.S.


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hiring lawyers at boston firm for $10K a year. not a type-o! TEN K a year.

is that even legal? of ocurse! they are LAWYERS - they looked it up!

"The job is in compliance with wage and hour laws, he says, because there is a professional exception to the minimum wage requirement. Statutory benefits are provided and required deductions are made from the associate's pay."


Thursday, June 14, 2012

flashback 2005

flashback 2005 - now that's ol' skool! if u dont believe me check out how ol' skool my website looks! celebrating 10 years of La Diva!


DADDYS are important no matter what MOMMYS do

Children are more likely to get A’s in school if Daddy is involved in their education
whether or not their fathers live with them and whether or not their mothers are also involved.

WHETHER OR NOT ladies!!!!!!


Smarter babies! thanks to DADDY!

Babies in their first year who spend time with their DADDY receive high scores on cognitive tests. 

In other words, spending time with DADDY is a SMART thing.


Read more stats on la diva latina's old school page... celebrating 10 years!

Positive Dad Stats

According to studies:

The single most important factor in developing empathy is
spending time with DADDY. 

La Diva Latina celebrating 10 Years! check out this page from back in da day--- all about DADDYS!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

flight for humanity on YOUTUBE!

roberto clemente's last at bat!
flight for humanity - roberto clemente's last at bat on YOUTUBE!

Roberto Clemente's mission accomplished! See the video on youtube!


Roberto Clemente's mission accomplished!

It was December 31st, when Roberto Clemente’s plane crashed en route from Puerto Rico to Nicaragua with 16,000 pounds of aid for earthquake stricken Nicaragua. 

Elezier Rodriguez made it his mission to fulfill Clemente's humanitarian efforts.

Read on...


There was no time to lose, Elezier 
Rodriguez knew he had to complete the 
mission, Clemente started and deliver 
16,000 pounds of aid to Nicaragua on 
the same day that Clemente did.  Every 
detail had to be to the letter, and 
Rodriguez was no stranger to detail.  
You see, Rodriguez had a dream.  In the 
dream, Roberto Clemente said to him: 
You share my numbers. Bat for me.

Roberto Clemente bronze statue unveiled in Newark's Branch Brook Park


Monday, June 11, 2012

Don't Call Me a Blogger!

Blogging?  No, it’s not for divas.  Blogger? 
No.  I'm a diva.  Blog??? NOOO.  No, no.  
don’t call me a BLOGGER!.  No see- I have 
my own online magazeeeeeeeen!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Thanks for reading my blog!

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