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Friday, June 10, 2005

Mi Viejo - the most famous Father's Day song

Mi Viejo is so popular that in Mexico alone there are about 334 versions! Mi Viejo has been interpreted by about 500 different artists all over the world- Latin America, Europe, Japan, the U.S.

Piero – José is the duo that created the paternal anthem, Mi Viejo. For about 30 years, Piero and José Tcherkaski worked together. They were united in song and in politics. The two Argentineans protested their government through song. But their biggest fame is for Mi Viejo, a song where no politics is involved. Piero says that he sang the song to his father with the ink still not dry on the paper. When he looked up he saw his father crying for the first time. He began to cry too. In typical manly fashion, his father quickly wiped his tears and said, jokingly and chidingly, "Your mama is the one who walks slow!"
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Positive Statistics about Fatherhood

Spending Time with Dad is a GOOD thing!
According to studies:

The single most important factor in developing empathy is spending time with DADDY. In other words, spending time with DADDY is a SWEET thing.

Babies in their first year who spend time with their DADDY receive high scores on cognitive tests. In other words, spending time with DADDY is a SMART thing.

Children are more likely to get A's in school if Daddy is involved in their education whether or not their fathers live with them and whether or not their mothers are also involved. In other words, spending time with DADDY is a GOOD thing.

Children with fathers that are highly involved in their life-such things like eating meals with Daddy, going out with Daddy and Daddy helping with homework-have fewer behavioral problems and higher levels of sociability. In other words, spending time with DADDY is the WAY TO GO!

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Happy Fathers' Day!

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