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Friday, November 30, 2012

Bilingual Education Should Not Be Taught in Schools!

I have always and will always stress


This picture says it all!

Bilingual education in the US should not be in the schools.

It should be at HOME!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

En Mi Viejo San Juan

How many of us sing a lullaby to their children?
Who doesn't?  

Take that opportunity to instill you culture.  i mean forget "rock-a-bye baby"!

I mean what does it mean anyway - when the tree falls the cradle will drop!!!  CRAZY!  

I sang En Mi Viejo San  Juan to my little girl.  

Check her out here in this video clip years later she still remembered!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Pernil and Pumpkin Pie

With 4 generations around the Christmas kitchen table my cousin Guapo bravely observed the following: “I am the only one here whose 1st language was English.” 

Tio Ismael, who served in the Army, deftly dodges that bullet by saying, “I speak some German. Wanna hear?”

He turns to one of the youngest on the grand table, Papito, “Kann ich bitte noch ein Bier?”  

Papito is flabbergasted!  “Tio, did you just curse me out?” “No!” Tio answered.  “I just said: Can I have some beer please?” From near the head of the table, 

Guapo’s cousin, MissyFoo says to Tio Israel, “I'm sure that's the first thing you learned when you got there.”

Tio is undeterred.  “I know some French too!  Comment t-allez vous?” 

My GringaMom at the head of the table says "Fermez la bouche! Yeah that means! Shut your mouth!"

MissyFoo decides to get in on the action, ...

Friday, November 23, 2012

Hope You Had Pernil for Thanksgiving!

Wishing you and yours the BEST Thanksgiving EVER!

In fact hope it was so good that you had a big fat PERNIL for the whole family to enjoy!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Who is GOING LATIN? You'll be surprised!

So many people want that Latin je ne se quoi...
And so many want that Latina American yo no se que

Here are some people who have gone LATINO lately!

  • First luxury cars.  How do you say Rolls Royce in Spanish?  Yes the Rolls Royce Goes Latin! I'm not sure but I'm guessing there is a lot of rolling of the R's!  either way, you may want to ask Tony Bennett.
  • With his newest release, Tony Bennett Goes Latin. Mr. I-Left-My-Heart-In-San-Fransico seems to have left it for some LATIN flair.  
  • What's next- an opera with salsa beats?  You guessed it! The Moore Opera Center goes Latin!

Rock on and Read on!  Ole!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Opera goes LATIN with Salsa Beats!

Opera.  With salsa music beats.

Photo: npr.org  Magali and Chucho
(Zheng Cao and Scott Hendricks) pose for the crowd
while cutting their wedding cake in Daniel Catán's
Latin composer David Catan, composed a whole opera with Latin Caribbean rhythms.  Seems difficult to believe.  But Catan's first opera was so successful that the Houston Grand Opera premiered "Salsipuedes" - an opera about...

A banana republic declares war on the Nazis and newlywed salsa musicians are caught in the crossfire. Love is put to the test in this bittersweet comedy that sways to the sultry rhythms of the Caribbean. Sung in Spanish with English translations projected above the stage.

Opera. Salsa music.

Salsipuedes: A Night of Love, War, and Anchovies is not a typical night at the opera.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Tony Bennett Left His Heart in San Francisco to Go After His LATIN Love!

Tony Bennett, American Big Band and Jazz singer, famous for 1930's styled songs such as, "Because of You"  and "I left My Heart in San Francisco" has now gone LATIN.

Seems like he left San Francisco to go sing "The Way You Look Tonight" with none other than Latina Diva THALIA!

Just in time for the holidays his newest CD is VIVA Duets.

VIVA DUETS is the third duets-themed project from 17-time Grammy winner Tony Bennett, following the platinum selling and critically praised DUETS and DUETS II CDs.

Featuring many top names in the Latin recording industry, VIVA DUETS finds Bennett performing his greatest hits with a celebrated roster of artists including Marc Anthony, Christina Aguilera, Ricardo Arjona, Chayanne, Franco De Vita, Gloria Estefan, Vicente Fernández, Juan Luis Guerra, Dani Martín, Romeo Santos, Thalía and Vicentico. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Rolls Royce goes LATIN!

Photo: motorward.com
How do you say Rolls Royce in Latin?  Not sure but it probably involves a whole lot of rolling of R's!

Expanding its reach in global markets, Rolls Royce has opened its first showroom in Latin America at Sao Paolo, Brazil. The showroom is spread over 500 sq meters and is designed to provide clientele with a relaxed atmosphere when they come in to purchase the car of their choice.

Glass and wood has been used effectively to maximize usage of natural light. Leather, veneer, carpet samples and bespoke utilities peculiar to Rolls Royce vehicles are also on display in the Customer Lounge space. The opening was followed by a cocktail party which included drinks and music and was attended by a number of VIP's.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Real Divas of the World

This week it's all about Real Divas of the world.  Like for instance:

  • Soprano Venezuelan opera singer Fedora Aleman turns 100 years old and claims to know the secret to youth...  And no!... major re-constructive surgery is not the answer.. Read here.

  • But if you're into "construction", check out this home fit for a real DIVA- as in the walls are constructed with ACOUSTICS in mind... Read here.

  • Finally, this visual artist used a less destructive means to "re-construct": herself into a DIVA by drastically changing her appearance, but instead of a scalpel, her instrument of change is a paintbrush... Read here.

Read on!!!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Visual Artist Transforms Herself into a DIVA with Her Artwork

The word Diva conjures up images of celebrated women dripping with style, class and attitude. However, one thing we must be clear on - Divas are not just elegant prima donnas or pampered and kept women. To achieve Diva status requires much more. A Diva is a talented woman with extraordinary determination combined with self - assurance and a touch of mystery.

"Diva" - "Tropicalism" exhibit Jersey City Museum, New Jersey 
One might say that a Diva has succeeded in creating an aura so convincing and tangible that she surpasses mere mortals. Mass media and advertising today bring us thousands of images daily of seductive, young svelte women who portray themselves as Divas. A small number of which (who financially can) actively act on becoming Divas by means of plastic surgery. Luckily for those we’re in an age where they can accomplish those goals.

"Divas" is new digitized work by visual artist Maria Domínguez where she makes light of this contagious phenomenon of maintaining youth and acquiring beauty through surgery. Through the magic of digital self-enhancement she explores those possibilities and takes it a step further into modern design.

In Divas, without the trauma and cost of surgery, Domínguez manipulates her photographed body and

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Puerto Rico gets a shot at being the 51st state

so obama wins the election by a landslide. BIG.  

marijuana is legalized in 2 states. BIGGER news.

gay marriage is legalized in 2 states. BIG. BIG.

and Puerto Rico votes to become 51st state. 

zzzzzz. ----what? sorry i fell asleep. they did WHAT!

I was on facebook yesterday discussing the historic election in Puerto Rico.

so here is some of that information on my blog: 

         I was There!  Journey to DC to See Obama's Inauguration!

Future President of the USA Could Be Born in the 51st State

President Barack Obama was born in Hawaii the 50th state added to the United States back in 1959.

A mere 2 years later, in 1961, Barack Obama was born in Hawaii.  

Therefore if Puerto Rico becomes the 51st state, 

a future president could be PUERTO RICAN! :)

I was THERE! Journey to DC to See OBAMA

I was THERE! Journey to DC to See OBAMA
by Brie Sands (my GringaMom)

originally published 2009 here http://ladivalatina.com/iwasthere.html

I was there! After having lived through the sixties and having missed many (ok, all) historical events, I was not going to miss this, even if I had to walk to Washington! 

As soon as Obama won the Presidency and hearing Obama say, “The road ahead will be long…our climb will be steep… I have never been more hopeful than I am tonight that we will get there… I promise you…” I quickly made a promise to myself not to miss this historical event! 

I am going! Don’t think I can get tickets. Don’t know how I will get there, but I am going! This reminded me of Dr. Martin Luther King’s speech in August 1963, (even though I was not there) when Dr. King began his speech and said: “I am happy to join with you today in what will go down in history as the greatest demonstration for freedom in the history of our nation…” I had to memorize it from the history books. 

It was exhilarating! From preparing to go to DC, to inviting family and friends to join me on my trip, to hearing Obama speak. Our friend from England, who came home to the U.S. to see this historic event, joined us on our trip to DC and she kept saying, “It’s all in the journey…we will get there…yes, we can…yes, we will.” 

Colony of the United States

50 states? not last i checked! and maybe not for much longer!

Estado Libre Asociado - Puerto Rico IS part of the United States!

Puerto Rico - the next 51st state. the People Have Voted!

Que bonita bandera, Que bonita bandera... Que bonita bandera... ¿la bandera de los EEUU?  

When I heard the news I couldn't think straight for 3 hours. Then I googled it.  NADA.  An eerie silence surrounding this very important current news event.

I told my cousin in PR that I didn't hear any news about it here.  She said: you have to listen to the news in PR. But NO.  If its going to be a state of the US it should be news here in the US.  It's our news.  The 51st state?  Then it's US news.

According to news reports, Puerto Ricans were jubilant after this election with cars honking their horns and people waving Puerto Rican flags.  Yes, you read correctly.  PUERTO RICAN flags.  Seems strange.  If they want statehood they should be waving the US flag.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

House Built for a Diva- No 2 Walls are Parrallel and Other Diva Requests

Being a diva has its downsides. To perform in operas like "Madame Butterfly" and "Tosca," Patricia Racette—a leading American soprano—who says, "There's a misperception that opera singers' lives are really exciting. A lot of our time is spent making sure we stay healthy so we can sing."

Therefore she built her mansion to do just that- to help keep her voice opera diva like!

Here are some diva-like aspects of her home:

No 2 walls are parallel to each other so that when music is played the music can literally fill up the entire room.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Opera Diva Fedora Aleman Turns 100 and Reveals Secret to Youth

Fedora Alemán, considerada la "primera gran cantante lírica de Venezuela", celebraro un siglo de vida el 11 de octubre 2012. Aclamada en escenarios mundiales, se ha sentido orgullosa de ser también profeta en su tierra. Hoy en día sigue recomendando, como secreto de juventud eterna, la buena respiración.

According to opera diva Fedora Aleman, the secret to eternal youth is breathing deeply.  She should know this opera soprano, Venezuelan sweetheart,  just celebrated her 100th birthday!

"Respiro a fondo siempre", confesaba en una entrevista en 1982. Todavía aconseja hacerlo a sus familiares y amigos. Para ella es sinónimo de vida.

If you think about it, she's right breathing is synonymous with life! There is something to be learned from this 100 year old opera diva!  On her website fedoraaleman.com/pagina.php?pag_id=2, she explains in detail the importance of deep breathing.

Lo que NO debemos hacer:
Abusar de las cuerdas vocales, tratar de cantar más fuerte, forzando, fumar, gritar, cantar en un registro equivocado, cantar hasta cansarse.

She explains that breathing not only profundamente but also correctly, is important for more than one reason.


Thanks for reading my blog!

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