omg! only 2 emails this morning!

let the weekend BEGIN!!!

i just got SQUARE

only 4 emails today. :)

so dude calls: i got married in vegas 3 months ago and i want a divorce. ...

y'all need to STOP PRANKING ME!

@the office on a sunny friday afternoon

Rice and beans and Red Lobster

got it get it down to 1 or 2 a day! MAX!

So I was talking to the prosecutor

According to KLOUT- i am a BROADCASTER

sotomayor is a DIVA:)

why do these women call an attorney's office for "abuse"?

michelle obama's LATINA Style!

Gramita's BFF - touching story...

lets take a look at my fb timeline. ugh!

i was talking with one of my collegues today and fyi- he's legally blind.

36 emails!!!


babysitting adventures continue... jugando FRIO o CALIENTE

so im babysitting again but - ive got RULES!

casting call for sesame street

why never answer my fb messages

how many email accts do u have?

how many emails do u get a day?

a 30 minute workout is just 10% of ur day!

but this is my career!

yahoo groups is next!

bye oprah!

im gonna go thru this timeline thingy - ugh!

i go to get papito from the basketball courts. but i dont see him.

Taino Lives ON!

11 Native Americans Everyone Should Know

TAINOS Are *Not* Extinct

80 year-old Taina STILL in Hiding