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Diva. Lawyer. DivaEsq.

Friday, August 10, 2007

El Cantante SUCKS!

I am a J-Lo fanatic. See the pics I took when Jenny from the Block really did come to the block! I was there at 5am waiting for her. And Marc Anthony- I ADORE him! I used to see him at the Copa at least once a month! So of course i was there at the first showing of El Cantante.

Don't waste your money! Don't waste your time! This movie was no movie at all. I felt assaulted and disrespected.

Let me tell you what it was. It was one dragged out drug-ologue. Every other scene was about him doing drugs. EVERY other scene! There was no storyline whatsoever.

"I love you Pucchi" "I love you Hector" Why? Was there one scene that showed "love" or why they loved each other? No.

Why was he famous? I don't know. I know my Mom used to play his music. That's all I know. That he filled up Madison Square Garden. Oh I think I say that in a quick clip in the movie between him snorting and him shooting up.

That him and Willie Colon were friends? I guess. All the movie showed was Willie Colon in the background almost every scene scenes. Why were they friends? How did they meet?

How did Hecor LaVoe become famous anyway? Wouldn't know from watching the movie. His first hit? Don't know. It wasn't in the movie. It was more important to show 3 scenes of him in the bathroom half comatose.

What was his contribution to salsa? My Mom says he was one of the pioneers of salsa. Really? No mention of that in the movie AT ALL.

For those that say, "But that was his life... if that's what he was, then,..." Please! He was so much more than drugs. When people packed Madison Square Garden, did they go to see him get high or did they go for his music?

Thursday, May 10, 2007

LaDivaLatina.com is BACK!

is BACK! Thank u.:) don't know what happened? where have you been?
Find out now!

We're so happy to be back! We still need time to get back on our feet. Meanwhile you can help by letting everyone knowthat La Diva Latina is BACK! Mention it on all your blogs & myspace.How did we get back online? Find out in the next issue - Summer 2007!

Thanks for reading my blog!

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