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Friday, August 4, 2017

La Lucha de Taino Lorenzo

I contacted Don Tío with help from Señora Gramita’s grandson, Wil. After the obligatory Bendición, Wil convinced him that todos estan bien and he passes me the phone. 

Don Tío is relieved, “Bueno, Gracias a Dios todos estan bien.” He goes on thanking God y todos los poderes that everyone is fine and that he is fine and that he is here another day and having this conversation with me. Meanwhile I haven’t said a word! 

As soon as I can get a word in I say, “¿Sabe de la gente que vivian en Puerto Rico, los taínos?” “¡Ajá! Ellos viven cerca de Luma (his sister) ¡Sí! Viven por ahí mismo.” 

La Señora Gramita was right about her brother!“¿Sabes la historia de ellos?” He responds, “No mucho.” 

I did not give up, “¿No sabe si en su familia habia alguien que era taíno?” He immediately begins,“Sí. Mamá Juana. Yo me recuerdo. La mamá de mi papá que se llamaba Mamá Juana. Ella era taína. Era muy bajita, y tenia el pelo largo, largo así como los taínos, ¿sabe? Y muy, muy blanco. Tenia la piel el color bien trigueña y el pelo muy, muy blanco. Sí, yo me recuerdo. Yo tenia como cuatro años.” 

I don’t know what else to say. I feel like I just uncovered a golden nugget of history, but he is not done with his story. 

“Ella nos decia la historia de Lorenzo Rosario… ¡Ay! Virgin Santa! Lorenzo Rosario ¡que pelió con el mismo Diablo! ¡Ay Virgin! ¡Es verdad!” 

Here is his story about Lorenzo Rosario, el hijo de la mamá de Mamá Juana, la taína que era la abuela de Don Tío. The story of Lorenzo Rosario that fought with the devil himself...as told by Don Tío. 

"Lorenzo Rosario queria ir para una fiesta y su mamá le decia que ¡no! y el que ¡sí! Que se iba. El se preparó pa’ ir. Era un joven bien aparecido. ¡Guapo! Era muy alto y delgadito y pues muy guapo. Se vistió para irse y su mamá que no, y no. Y el dijo ¡me VOY! 

Su mamá le advirtió- ¡Si te vas que te encuentres con el mismo Diablo!- ¡Ay Virgen! ¡Es verdad! Le hizo esa maldición y en esos tiempos si una mamá le hacia una maldición a un hijo, ¡ya tu sabes!"

"Pues, el se fue y en la fiesta se le afrentó un señor que le dijo -¡Esta noche tu y yo tenemos que pelear!- Lorenzo Rosario, bueno, no lo conocia, y le dijo -Yo ni te conozco.- Y el señor le dijo -¡No importa! ¡Vamos a pelear!- Bueno Lorenzo Rosario le dijo -Si así tienes que ser, ¡vamos! ¡Pa’encima!- 

Entonces el cojió su espada y empezaron a pelear. Y tu sabes, eran en los tiempos mil ocho cientos. Y Lorenzo Rosario dándole con la espada y salian ¡Ay Virgen Santísima! dicen que salian ¡¡¡chispas de fuego!!! ¡¡¡SÍÍÍÍ!!! Así dicen. ¡Es verdad! 

Y estaban en la batalla y en la manga de su espada tenia una cruz como diseño. Bueno así dicen, que parece que el Diablo ¡porque era el Diablo! el vió la cruz y se asustó ¡y se hulló! Se fue corriendo y mientras corría se veía las ¡chispas de fuego detras de el! Lorenzo Rosario... Sí... Eso’s verdad. Yo lo creo." 

He gave me details on what city it happened and where to go into town to find out more information because it is all written somewhere in the city records. 

I thank him for such a great memory. And I wondered if Wil even knows about his great-great-grandfather. I was excited to tell Wil about his own history, but as Wil reached over to me to get the phone I realized he knows Lorenzo Rosario more than Don Tío himself. 

Wil is very tall and slim – you know, muy alto, delgadito, y pues muy guapo. He is trigueño with dark eyes and dark hair. And there on Wil’s forearm as he reached over for the phone I see la cruz- a large tattoo of a cross on his arm. Before I said good bye I had a feeling that el indio would wink at me again. I turned around and winked first. I swear el indiosmiled at me! 

Don Tío says his story is true. That it is written in the city records if I wanted to verify it. But I don’t have to. It is all written in the faces of our people – people like Don Tío and Señora Gramita and even Wil. If we just take the time to look. 

Interview by La Diva Latina

Monday, June 12, 2017

PR Parade 2017 Marches On Without Corporate Sponsors

recap of #prparade

there was a lot of controversy surrounding the Puerto Rican Day parade this year.  no one seemed to agree on any point.  everyone was polarized.  including me.  no one was gonna convince me against what i stood for!  i was standing my ground!  

the controversy surrounded a political prisoner Oscar Lopez Rivera.  a political prisoner of war who was just released.  Some call him a terrorist and as such should not be allowed to march.  and others calling him our mandela.

here is my recap of the #PRparade2017.

i was shocked. dismayed. distressed.  

i go to the parade every year.  so i speak from experience.  the crowds were thin.  even on the subway.  as we're walking ...

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Take Your DAUGHTERS to Work Day

I took my daughter to work with me a few weeks ago.  I had to pick up some documents from the court.  We enter the court building and take the elevator up and go to the clerk's window and ask for said documents after I show her my attorney ID.  The clerk could not locate them.  She said she would ask someone to assist her obtain said documents for me.  She walks away towards the back.  We see her returning with what we assume is her supervisor.  We can hear her explaining what  I had requested.  Then we hear her answer her supervisor, "The one on the left is the one that asked".

Really?  It's bad enough, they never believe that I'm an attorney but now you can't tell the difference between a teenager and the lawyer.  No but really? 

My daughter accompanied me to the Supreme Court of the United States.  She met the Honorable Sonia Sotomayor.  There is no better type of learning than hands on!

It's very important to take our DAUGHTERS to work.  Until women get equal pay, equal standing, same opportunities.

To all the little girls who are watching me, never doubt that you are valuable and deserving of every chance, of every opportunity in the world to pursue your goals and dreams.                  -Hillary Clinton

Take Your Daughters to Work Day #lawyermom

Take Your Daughters to Work Day #lawyermom


Sunday, February 12, 2017

4 o’clock hour of the night

I always remember. We were little and my little sister was so sick that her little usual hyper self was motionless on the bed and Grandma paced back and forth, back and forth. It was so late that I didn’t recognize the hour. I never knew the night had so many numbers. How was it that the night had a three- o’clock? And my Grandma, my mama de crianza, paced and paced.

No money, no medicine.  She poured out the Agua Florida all over my little sister’s body down to her little toes and covered her up with the blanket.

Agua Florida is so cold.  It usually made me shiver.  But my little sister seemed not to feel the coldness of the Agua Florida.  Not even when Grandma...

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