BBQing TAINO style

Get Sofia Vergara's Look

VAPORU for your eyebrows!?!

VAPORU for pimples!?!

VAPORU for mosquito bites!?!

the Latino elixir - VICKS-VAPORU

Won't you be a friend and buy me some chocolate?

Living the American Dream I Vividly Act Latina

New La Diva blog- integrated with FACEBOOK!

Introducing the NEW La Diva BLOG

MAVI- refreshing TAINO drink -goes commercial!

You say 'latte'. I say 'cafe con leche'.

pan con aguacate - no longer a poor man's food

cuban sanguiche - gringonized!

latinos have BEEN doing that. now its massed produced!

W.T.C. by la bruja

freedom of speech in america?

twitter account @mexicanmitt gets suspended on eve of Mitt's speech

"like-ing" on facebook is NOT free speech, judge says

freedom of speech? no me digas!

Higher Education a Predictor of Longer Life

Look who's teaching your kids english: JUAN!

Record high # of Hispanic college grads

Going back to school



BBQing weekend