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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Winterize your profile pics!

Social networks are a way of life.
So when you put away your bathing suit,
it's also time to remove the pic
with you glowing in the sun!
That's right! Don't be caught
with a summery profile pic in mid winter!
As you can see our covergirl, La Cholita,
looks hot in summer or in winter!


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Moisturizer that lasts...even through hand washing!

The most important make-up tip for winter is -

Nowadays with all the hand sanitizers and warnings to wash and wash your hands,
those hands need as much attention as your face. Thanks to Aveeno Intensive Moisturizer you can wash your hands over and over again and not worry about re-applying your moisturizer!

It lasts even through hand washing!

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Winterize your Make - Up!

Time to winterize you whole look!

A diva knows it's not just your wardrobe that needs a winter-overhaul but your make-up too. Halloween gives you the official call to change it up. This Halloween Hard Candy makes it easy to have fun with your make-up with their "eye-tattoo", eyeshadows that are appliques of animal prints!

Go get 'em tiger!

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

u r still in the running to becoming antm..... i love tyra!

Bilingual Education Should Be @ HOME!

Bilingual education in the US should not be in the schools. It should be at HOME!

It is interesting how there is such a push in this country NOT to learn your native tongue. Meanwhile in Puerto Rico English classes start in PRE-SCHOOL.

Tell me again- WHY aren’t you learning Spanish?
WHY aren't you teaching Spanish to your little ones???

Corre la voz….

Read more at http://www.ladivalatina.com/quepasasept09.html

Peruvian Children Saving Ancient City of Chan Chan

The City of Chan Chan is the largest mud-brick city in Latin America and part of Peru’s history- believed to be the capital of the Pre-Inca Chimu. Now, Chan Chan is being used as a "classroom" for elementary and middle school students.

The students not only study conservation procedures but also learn how to make adobe and mud-bricks using the same techniques that Pre-Incan Peruvians used.

Cristobal Campana, head of the Chan Chan conservation team, says, “The idea is for students to be able to identify with their heritage and assume the commitment to look after it.”

Talk about hands-on learning!
Imagine what else they can build and create!

Read more at http://www.ladivalatina.com/quepasasept09.html

Mexico Rewrites History

A new history textbook distributed free because school history textbooks are "continually being improved" says Mexico's Asst. Education Sec'y Fernando Gonzalez.

Opponents say one of the most important eras- the arrival of the Spanish - is OMITTED.

That’s right, the history books end before Cortes arrived in 1519.

Gonzalez defends the books saying the Spanish conquest should and would be studied in depth by secondary school pupils.

The FALL of the Mayan Empire?
What about the FALL of the Spanish Empire?

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Where is the Media Blitz???

Where is the Media Blitz???
on the swearing in of Sotomayor?

Sotomayor was quietly sworn in as the 111th Supreme court Justice on August 8th, 2009. She became the first Hispanic Supreme Court Justice and the First whose swearing in was televised.

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Bodacious and Bold Dominican Diva

Christina Mendez

Our cover girl much awaited interview will continue to be just that- much-awaited.
She is "too busy" to set up an interview with La Diva.
Nonetheless in my elegant diva-ness, I wrote an excellent review on the dazzling career of this complicated and curvy Dominican Diva.

Check it out now!

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Wendy Williams hating on LaDivaLatina???

Wendy Williams- u either love her or hate her. She's that kind of woman. The "queen of ALL media" is now doing really well for herself with her switch from radio to TV with "the Wendy Williams Show".

But who hates on La Diva? And why?

Wellllllllllllllll, La Diva Latina is quoted on the radio all the time for Platanos and Collard Greens. The commerical goes like this:

"the NY Post says this... and the Daily News says this.... and LADIVALATINA says...."

Well, Wendy Williams' commercial does NOT mention LaDivaLatina. (!)

What's going on Wendy?
Do we need a divafight???
Jersey girl vs. Queens girl?
Don't hate girl! Celebrate!

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Friday, July 17, 2009

Sotomayor is a DIVA!

Sotomayor: Supreme Choice

» 11 yrs on Federal Court of Appeals

» 6 yrs on NY District Court

» 8 yrs as a private litigator in NY

» 5 yrs as Ass. District Attorney in NY

» 12 yrs as board member for LatinoJustice

» Lecturer at Columbia and NYU Law

Click here to see video

Michael Jackson Sighting

Latin America Mourns The King of Pop

The untimely death of controversial pop music icon Michael Jackson stunned the world, and Latin America was no exception. ...

Thousands of Latin American fans promised to remember him forever as they displayed their grief with tears, dancing, impersonations and even plans to erect statues in his honor.

In Mexico City, according to Reforma, thousands of his fans gathered around the statue of the Angel of Independence t...withan impromptu mixture of tears, music, applause and photographs.

According to El Nacional, the tribute was organized by Esteban Rubio, a 30-year-old Mexican who has spent half his life imitating Jackson and recently taught actor
Diego Luna to dance like him for his role in the 2007 movie “Mister Lonely”.

In Brazil, according to ANSA, Rio de Janeiro’s Dona Marta favela, the shantytown where Jackson filmed his 1996 video “They Don’t Care About Us”, declared itself in
mourning, and community leaders announced that they would put up a statue in the entertainer’s honor.

Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin told El Nacional that “the light he gave us on stage will continue to illuminate all of us who saw the master – pure musical inspiration”.

by María Maeda

Read more...on La Diva Latina.com
Michael Jackson sighting Click Here to see pic

Boogie Rican Blvd

Broadway is now a place for Latinos:
the much acclaimed “In The Heights”,
the classic “West Side Story”
and now the newest Boricua on the block-
Caridad “La Bruja” De la Luz
with her musical production,
“Boogie Rican Blvd”.
Imbued more by poetry and rhyme than by music,
it explores the lives of several characters
living and dreaming in the Bronx,
in a light, airy, humorous, fun story!

Read on!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Ultimate Latina Theatre Festival

Ultimate Latina Theatre Festival
June 4th - 14th 2009

Let's go to the theatre! Not on Broadway! NO!
Downtown - Avenue A at the Nuyorican Poet's Cafe!

Read why you must check it out on LaDivaLatina.com!

For the Love of God

Father Alberto Cutie is the celebrity Latino priestleaves the Catholic priesthood for a higher calling-

love for a woman.

Read on on LaDivaLatina.com!

Don't put Sotomayor's face on the PRican flag!

Sotomayor: Supreme Choice

Puerto Ricans and Latinos alike are swelled with pride with the nomination of Judge Sonia Sotomayor, but let's not start putting her face on the Puerto Rican flag!

Find out why...

Curve Issue Summer 2009

Curve Issue
Summer 2009

Saturday, March 14, 2009

La Diva Live on BoricuationRadio.com

Jennese Torres, the founder of LaDivaLatina.com is more than just a DIVA! She’s a dynamic, educated, out-spoken, proud Boricua from Queens, New York, and yes she is also a lawyer.

She joins BoricuationRadio.com for Women's Herstory Month

Read on! on LaDivaLatina.com


Linda Nieves Powell Takes Offense to MTV's True LIfe: I'm a Nuyorican

"The minute I finished watching that episode I immediately went looking for the responsible rat bastard who obviously lacked the research skills and high moral ground to produce an episode with three positive and proud Nuyoricans (as stated in their audition notice)."

Read on! on LaDivaLatina.com

Fashion Statement or Political Statement?

According to Melinda "Poeta Guerrera" Gonzalez: You can walk through any mall, and just about every store will be selling kuffiyehs in an array of colors and designs with glitter and gems.

She has this to say about the Kuffiye-wearing hipsters I believe that we have a responsibility to know the meaning that our clothes, words, and lives project.

So before sporting the black and white scarf worn here by Rihanna,
read what La Poeta Guerrera has to say!

Read on! on LaDivaLatina.com

Friday, January 30, 2009

Our Nation's First Lady and Her "Latina" Style

Michelle Obama's dress for Inauguration Day was absolutely stunning as well as unique. The First Lady's Dress was designed by Cuban-American designer Isabel Toledo.

Her red and black ensemble for Election night, btw, was also designed by a Latino designer, Narcisco Rodriguez.

Bravo to our First Lady's "Latina" style!

Read more at www.LaDivaLatina.com

I was THERE! Journey to D.C. to See Obama

I was there! After having lived through the sixties and having missed many (ok, all) historical events, I was not going to miss this, even if I had to walk to Washington!

Read Brie Sands' whole article now

J-Lo Wears Strikingly Similar Dress to First Lady

Marc Anthony and J-Lo sang together at the Latino Inauguration Ball and for some reason at the Western Inauguration Ball as well.
Did they lose their way on the way to the Bronx? :)

The loving couple may have put to rest that they are breaking up.

Either way, did you notice Jennifer Lopez was wearing a one shoulder long white evening gown-

just like the First Lady?

Read more at www.LaDivaLatina.com

Obama Nation Jan 2009 Issue

Obama wins!
Obama and El Gran Combo
Remember that song,
"Si Dios Fuera Negro" ?
They say, "What if the president was black?"
*start here!

Our Nation's First Lady
and Her "Latina" Style

I was THERE!
Journey to D.C. to See Obama

Jennifer Lopez wears
Michelle Obama's Dress!

This issue will keep growing
so subscribe today!

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Friday, January 16, 2009

OBAMA and El Gran Combo!

In this monumental historical event,
Inauguration 2009, it reminds me of ...
El Gran Combo!

Remember that song,
"Si Dios Fuera Negro" ?
They say, "What if the president was black?"

Brings tears of happiness to my eyes! On
Inauguration Day 2009 DO pause.
DO watch the Inauguration.
This IS history.
If you are working STOP.
Put on the radio if you can't get to a TV.
Don't have a radio? BUY one this weekend
Whatever it takes. Don't make excuses.

DON"T let your grandchildren read it
to u from their history books.
DON'T live life passivey.

If you are a teacher - it is your DUTY to STOP
and put on the radio.

If you are a parent with small children, watch it
and TALK about it with your children.

Inauguration 2009.
The biggest Inauguration since Kennedy!

See you at the Inauguration!

SING the song with me at http://ladivalatina.com/obama09.html

Si Dios fuera negro -mi compay- todo cambiaría
Fuera nuestra raza -mi compay- la que mandaría

Negro el presidente y el gobernador
Negro el abogado y negro el doctor compay...........


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