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Saturday, September 19, 2009

u r still in the running to becoming antm..... i love tyra!

Bilingual Education Should Be @ HOME!

Bilingual education in the US should not be in the schools. It should be at HOME!

It is interesting how there is such a push in this country NOT to learn your native tongue. Meanwhile in Puerto Rico English classes start in PRE-SCHOOL.

Tell me again- WHY aren’t you learning Spanish?
WHY aren't you teaching Spanish to your little ones???

Corre la voz….

Read more at http://www.ladivalatina.com/quepasasept09.html

Peruvian Children Saving Ancient City of Chan Chan

The City of Chan Chan is the largest mud-brick city in Latin America and part of Peru’s history- believed to be the capital of the Pre-Inca Chimu. Now, Chan Chan is being used as a "classroom" for elementary and middle school students.

The students not only study conservation procedures but also learn how to make adobe and mud-bricks using the same techniques that Pre-Incan Peruvians used.

Cristobal Campana, head of the Chan Chan conservation team, says, “The idea is for students to be able to identify with their heritage and assume the commitment to look after it.”

Talk about hands-on learning!
Imagine what else they can build and create!

Read more at http://www.ladivalatina.com/quepasasept09.html

Mexico Rewrites History

A new history textbook distributed free because school history textbooks are "continually being improved" says Mexico's Asst. Education Sec'y Fernando Gonzalez.

Opponents say one of the most important eras- the arrival of the Spanish - is OMITTED.

That’s right, the history books end before Cortes arrived in 1519.

Gonzalez defends the books saying the Spanish conquest should and would be studied in depth by secondary school pupils.

The FALL of the Mayan Empire?
What about the FALL of the Spanish Empire?

Read more at www.LaDivaLatina.com

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