My Exodus Back Home from Hurricane Maria

Clearing la numero 2 en Mayaguez - Day after Hurricane Maria
I was able to leave the island but there was no ticket for vic. 
but he had his passport so he got on the ferry to the Dominican Republic and from there it would be easy to get a flight back home. That was the plan. He gets home tomorrow. And so this is what he wrote on the ferry leaving PR after the hurricane.

My Exodus Back Home from Hurricane Maria

Before leaving the island, I saw it upon the horizon
It was a rainbow upon the hill
It truly gave me chills, a warm smile and a sense of frill
Before I knew it, it had already disappeared
All that remained was a puffy cloud
Resemblance of a Taino strong and proud

Perhaps the rainbow was a simple thank you or a solemn good bye
As I sailed to my native land on the other side
Maybe the cloud symbolized falling tears of joy or even pain
Telling me do not disdain or refrain from the Holy rain

The journey was great; the experience even greater 
Despite the woeful pain together we'll make it better
We continue on this journey bound for glory
Winds far gone can't move forward if unholy

The night before Hurricane Maria - Mayaguez Resort and Casino

Waiting for Hurricane Maria

From Genesis to Exodus; Hebrews to Revelation
Life, strife, and tribulations Must read Lamentations
Compare past generations and learn appreciation
From lessons learned from sinful fallen nations
This is a warm tribute, a heartfelt farewell
Hoping and praying that my stay served you proud and did you well
As Hurricane Maria blew afar and near with ferocious forces
Its legacy continuously erupted
I humbly admit, the little that I did
Doesn't even compare to how much more you gave to me
It's vicious destruction hurt down to my marrow
But you remained steadfast and free of sorrow
You gave me hope, love and kindness
True indeed of the finest
Until next time my sister island
Please don't worry nor hurry
Though there's much pain and unspoken sorrow
The North Star speaks of a brighter tomorrow
Like a stubborn light that keeps on flickering
And evangelical love that keeps on ticking
You are a beacon, the light of the world and salt of the earth
Hope on Borinqueños! Dream on isleños!
You are the true living spirit of a true Caribeño.