Scribble Scrabble 3 - What My Family Thinks I Do

I didn’t think my new shabby law office was so bad. That is until Julieta dropped in.  I showed her my little desk and showed her the fold up chairs so she may have a seat. Then I turned on the raggedy air conditioner as she took off her glasses to wipe the fog off her lenses.  I insisted she have a seat but she refused.  So I wiped the fold up chair clean, and not with my hand neither.  No.  This is for Julieta so I used the napkins I had gotten from McDonald’s, to wipe off the seat clean and dust free.   But she wouldn’t sit.

I pointed out the only shiny thing I had in the whole place, the only thorn in our relationship because I had beat her to something at last!  My shiny professionally framed, cost-more-than-my-desk law degree.  She looked around and said, “Don’t worry.  Everyone’s gotta start somewhere.”

Somewhere!?!  Well, the nerve of her!  What does she want!?!  What do I gotta do?  Do I have to be admitted into the Supreme Court!?!

Ding-Ding!  This would surely impress Papi, even Gramita!  Surely!  Well, maybe not Gramita… Let me tell you why...

I remember I graduated from college and I was so happy!  Surely Gramita will be so very proud of me!  Her reaction:  ¡Eso no es nada!   Ahora tienes que ¡consequir un trabajo!1

I remember when I was accepted to law school.  Surely Gramita will be so very proud of me!  Her reaction:  Ahora tienes que ¡graduarte de esa escuela!2

I remember when I graduated from law school.  Surely Gramita will be so very proud of me!  Her reaction:  Lo más difícil es ahora, que tienes que ¡conseguir un trabajo!3

I remember when I finally found a job as a lawyer!  Boy oh boy!  THIS WAS IT!  Surely Gramita will be so very proud of me!  Her reaction:  Pero eso no es ser un abogado de verdad... es como un aprendizaje.  Todavia tienes mucho que aprender.4

Very well then.  I'm not a real lawyer.  I'm more of an apprentice in Gramita’s eyes.  At least she keeps me grounded!

  1.  Spanish for: That’s nothing!  Now you have to find a job!
  2. Spanish for: The most difficult part is now that you must find a job!
  3. Spanish for: Now you must graduate from that school!
  4.  Spanish for: But that is not truly being a lawyer… it’s more of an apprenticeship.  You still have a lot to learn.