95 Year Old Unfazed by Hurricane Maria

WARNING your heart will feel love! 

This is Luz Maria. 95. With Alzheimers. She repeats things. She forgets things. But she's happy.

She must have told me a dozen times how much she loves me! And the hurricane? Baaaaa. She doesn't even know. She says she was married 2 or 3 times. True. And she says she doesn't remember how old she is! Details. Just details! She's full of love and full of life!

I told Jenny (Luz marías daughter that cares for her) all about #Gramita.... her advice to me... Ahhhh m'ija! Y adonde está tu fe? Todo va salir bien! Cree en Jehovah!

#FuerzaPuertoRico #PRSeLevanta

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