El Monstro Otherwise Known as Hurricane Maria

still no electricity, or water. her neighbor's mother died this week in the hospital. half the hospital has electricity the other half does not. she gave no more details and i didnt ask.

they resumed mail service on tuesday. and wednesday they resumed garbage pick up. which she is grateful for because era "APESTOSO!" (stinky). Recojieron los escombros en la calle tambien. (they cleaned up the litter in the streets)

there is light on la Calle Post- (the main street there) everywhere else is spotty.

the schools are still closed because "son refugios". (people took refuge there) about 20,000 people without homes she said. she said you can see peoples rooves on the floor. AY Bendito! she says. she can't understand "como el viento arranco eso?" [how the wind ripped off those rooves]. "Dicen que fue un monstro! y si! fue un monstro!" [they say the hurricane was a monster! and indeed it was.]