No Electricity, No Food #HurricaneMaria

still no electricity. no water. so she explains to me the NO ELECTRICITY sitchu cuz you know she cares for her 95 year old mother - (remember the video?)

the thing is she cant use her stove so she can not cook. she said there is some electricity in some of mayaguez. and stores are open. so she has to "obligatoriamente" go to the corner RICOMINI (thats like DairyQueen or WAWA or Diner) to buy food every single day.

she explained that she thought of buying milk and making her own coffee but then the milk will spoil! she thought of getting a little gas stove to cook rice and beans but she thought but then the leftovers will SPOIL- remember the intense heat over there.

so everyday she goes to el Ricomini and for breakfast buys avena or pan y queso. but el pan y queso she has to eat the whole thing in one day or--- itll SPOIL.

so everyday she buys breakfast and dinner for her and her mom at $12 a day. that's $360 a month people!!! that is a lot of money! but she is content and grateful giving all praises to Jehova saying:

pues, el dinero no se come! (you can't eat money. so who needs it!)