all this reminds me also of a funny story i think ull like: plays out like a sitcom.

so an old latina woman walks into the office and says, "ayudame que tengo un problema legal."

si senora sientase. i can help u. cuentame.

she is distraught. she explains that she must change the ownership of her house that she owns jointly with her granddaughter. but she loves her granddaughter very much, thats why she put her name on the deed in the first place. PERO.....
occurrio ultimamente que la nieta se enamoro.


im thinking drug dealer.

she goes on and pulls me close... she did. she grabs my arm to pull me closer to tell me EN CONFIANZA what the problem is.

she says clearly in my ear..... that her granddaughter's boyfriend... well.... el es un PRIETO.


i say "ok. ok."

-------> right on cue PUCHI walks in to the office...."MAMI!!!!"

ha! yeah.

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