November Blogging Challenge

Sometimes you need a little push.   A little bit of an umpf to get up off you a$$ and get things done. 

Even if it's something you really want to do, or something you really love, or something you miss doing.

Kinda like fitting a workout in your hectic schedule.  You do want to lose the wieght.  Or be fit and trim but you can't get yourself to do it.  

That's how I've been with blogging.  I just can never fit it into my jammed up schedule. 

And people ask me all the time.  They urge me to keep writing.  And so I took up the challenge for the month of November.  I pledge to blog a #postday for the month of November.  Beyond that I don't make any promises!  Beyond that I like to blog about once a week, or 3 times a month.  I think that is more than enuf!  But for November, it'll be a #postaday.  So here goes...

What can you expect in my blog?   In a word: CLASHES.

I usually have a few favorite topics that involve many CLASHES.  For instance, I talk about
the struggles of being a female Hispanic lawyer and the hassles of having my own law office #lawdiva.   Clashes between me and the courts system, clashes between me and my clients, clashes involving me just being me in a white male dominated profession.   My newest topic is the clashes of how my life was living in New York City versus now living in a Jersey suburb.  I'm still in cultural shock about it! 

I also love blogging about my 2 incredible kids.  And other family members as well.  My family dynamics has gone through changes.  My father lived with me for a little bit.  So there were lots of stories about him.  Then my grandmother lived with me for a little while and there weren't many stories on the blog but many on facebook.  I couldn't blog about it because I was so busy with taking care of her.  She is now living in the island paradise of Puerto Rico.  

In one sentence, my blog is about:

Living the American Dream, I Vividly Act Latina

That's right!  L.A.D.I.V.A.L.A.T.I.N.A. is an acronym!  How clever is THAT!?!  I should get a "like" just for that alone!  

One thing to remember is that the topics are for the most part lighthearted, funny, and uplifting.  Some of the jokes are difficult to portray with the written word.  It is quite challenging.  So with that I can tell you to please what ever you do... take it lightly. I'm easygoing.  Most of the stuff I write are jokes.  Do I talk about serious topics?  YES.  Racism is a big topic for me.  But when I call myself a #whitehispanic, don't get mad at me!  Instead
get talking, commenting, etc!  

The blog's whole layout used to be very fun as well.  The layout was big blocks of pictures that when you click on it, it would pop open to the post.  But now I'm back to the basic layout because I couldn't fit as much advertising with that layout.  But if you guys read, click, forward, tweet, and/or post any of my posts maybe then I can get the funds to change the layout to something a little more fun.

So please enjoy my blog.  and if not only do I write on my blog I also read other blogs as well.  so if you are a blogger then let me know and I will check it out.  if I like it. I'll tweet, post and comment! 

If you have any comments please let me know.  If you want legal advice or have a case... also you can reach out to me.  but please remember... that if you are seeking free legal advice... me and you WILL CLASH.