Being a Petite Model - Spotlight on Amanda Roman

Interview with Model AMANDA ROMAN

I hear you're a beauty queen, that you have competed in beauty pageants.  Tell us about that experience.
I have competed in quite a few pageants, have been in the top 16 in most but when I really look at who is next to me, I am always the shortest. At the end, someone that is quite tall appears to always be the victor – at least in my experience. I have always loved modeling and my passion has always been runway. However, as many have said in the modeling agency, you can probably do print modeling, but you wont get your foot in the door to do runway. 
That's a bit rough.  is that true?
Most applications on line state clearly must be 5”7” and above.
What are your choices as a "petite"?
well if it were up Ann Lauren petite models would be on the runway!  Ann Lauren from Bella Petite magazine is fighting to change the runway fashion industry.  She has a competition to win a cover in her magazine, with a grand prize being a trip to Hawaii to do a photo shoot. More importantly, she is connecting with quite a few people in the industry to get them to notice petite women.
Why do you think that the modeling industry is so rigid with their height requirements?
I have never understood why.  Designers should create 3 outfits of the same design, have a petite model, mid size model and tall model, all at the same time with the same design, walk a runway – I would think that would cover everyone. Just because an outfit looks good on a 5’7”+ model, doesn’t necessary mean it will on a 5”1” model, and visa versa.  It’s a uphill battle getting the industry to deem us as important as a 5’7” and above model.
Why is it "bad" to be short? small?
It's not. As my pageant platforms have always been, its big to be small!